About Jim's Auction Service

Jim's Auction Service, Inc. specializes in selling farm tractors and farm machinery. Jim Flowers started Jim's Auction service in 1970, his grandson Nolan Kearns continues the family business with enthusiasm. Jim Flowers passed away April 10th, 2018. You can more about Jim here.

Jim's Auction Service conducts auctions throughout the year: individuals' farm sales, consignment, household and miscellaeous, and antique auctions.

Each year is kicked off with the regularly scheduled Annual Machinery Consignment Auction beginning the first Saturday of February. To date, this sale has grown to be one of the largest auctions in Western Colorado, spanning three full days.

This auction offers 100-plus farm tractors and industrial pieces of equipment including crawlers, loaders, backhoes, trackhoes and sometimes draglines. Also offered will be an estimated 800 to 1000 pieces of farm equipment and vehicles.

"We work for You!"

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